Choosing your Attorney

You do not have to have a bankruptcy lawyer to file for bankruptcy protection, but given the complexities of bankruptcy law, it may be a good idea. There are several steps you should take avoid a bad lawyer. Choosing the right lawyer can eliminate some of the common bankruptcy mistakes that many debtors make.

How to choose a bankruptcy lawyer:

  1. Carefully review all of your options. Do not simply rely on an advertisement or television commercial. Talk to family and friends. Filing bankruptcy is common, given the current economic climate, and many of your friends may have recommendations for finding a lawyer and they may know what to look for in legal help.
  2. Talk to several bankruptcy lawyers and find out if they offer a free consultation. Carefully ask the right questions you need answered and find someone who seems concerned about helping you find the right solution to your problems.
  3. Determine what your bankruptcy lawyer will do for you and make sure you understand all of the fees that will be charged. Getting the cheapest bankruptcy lawyer should be less important than finding the best bankruptcy attorney for the job.
  4. Contact the local bar association. The bar association will be able to provide you with information about whether the lawyer you are considering is trained in bankruptcy law.
  5. Select a good lawyer with experience. Bankruptcy lawyers who have worked in the bankruptcy field for several years will understand the local and federal laws and will understand how to navigate the complex bankruptcy process.
  6. Remember, taking the right steps and understanding what to look for can help you find the best bankruptcy attorney.